Suggested Resources

Below is a list of the resources I use. There are also a few books that I consider mandatory to value investors.

Web Resources

  • A great resource for looking at financials. Is also pretty good for international stocks.
  • Kaijinet: This is my favorite resource for super fast Japanese stock financials.
  • Seeking Alpha: I utilize this for US stock research.
  • Tweedy Browne: My absolute favorite piece of reading and research. It gets me excited and I hope it gets you excited too.
  • Magic Formula Investing: I recently started diving in deep into these alternative value investing method. I have to say I love how it works. Return on assets and capital really feeds into the compounding machine idea. Its great for investing in more expensive markets where book value and net net’s become exceedingly rare.

Stock Screeners

  • This is the most robust screener I have found on the internet. It is the backbone of the entire website. I love this screener because not only does it let me screen for net current asset value, but also Peter Lynchs famous earnings growth and yield screener or PEGY. By signing up through my referral link we both get 5 dollars toward premium membership.
  • Finviz: A great free resource for quickly screening stocks on the American Stock Market.

Suggested Reading

  • The Intelligent Investor: A classic although sometimes difficult to read. Everyone suggests this book, but they often don’t know why. It’s value lies in determining the difference in value between two stocks.
  • Security Analysis: I actually think this book is better than the intelligent investor. It gives you an excellent idea of what to look for in stocks.
  • Net-Net Stock Strategy: This book focuses on the enterprising investor part of intelligent investor, focusing mainly on net nets. It’s a modern and much easier read for those who have trouble understanding the intelligent investor.
  • The Little Book That Beats The Market: This is a classic read and a more modernized method than the Intelligent investor. Joel Greenblatt takes you from a brand new investor to a functional investor with the power of the magic formula. The formula focuses on good companies selling at a cheap price rather than bad companies selling at fire sale prices.
  • There’s Always Something to Do: This may be my new favorite book. Its a very interesting read based on the life of Canadian value investor Peter Cundill. Without realizing it many of my rules for investing actually matched his rules. So I now feel in good company. Especially with the dividend rule. Since both Graham and Peter Cundill had this as a rule.
  • One up on Wall Street: Peter Lynch explains simply how to invest in growth stocks while value investing simultaneously. It has greatly improved my investing acumen. His ideals are nearly identical to mine so its a must read.

Portfolio Tracking Apps

  • Sharesight: As an international investor its important to have a portfolio tracker that can handle different types of currency. This is the only portfolio tracker that actually successfully manages to do this and therefore my only recommendation for international investors. (Note: my affiliate link for which exploit investing is compensated for will give you a 4 month discount).