My Recommended Brokers For Stock Trading

When it comes to investing picking your broker is half the battle. With most brokers offering free trading it makes the choice a bit less clear. So below I’ll let you know what brokers I use and a little about why I use them.

Any links used below are affiliate links. This is not why I am recommending them. I am simply recommending what I currently use. When I stop using them or add any more that I use I will mention them below.


I am currently using Webull as my American stock broker. The reason behind this is obviously the free trades. Webull is much like Robinhood in that it gamifies stock market trading.

The biggest reason I use Webull currently is because of the current promotions it has. Being able to transfer all stocks over for a free 300 dollars is a real plus.

Webull was also built for mobile which makes it easy to sell stocks on the fly using my phone. This could be good or bad depending on whether or not you have self control in bear markets. But, its been useful If one of my stocks gets weighted too heavily after a good earnings while I’m on vacation.

The earnings notifications, IPO’s and other notifications are also super useful. An option that many other brokers fail to have and implement effectively.

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Interactive Brokers

I use this broker exclusively for my international investing. It’s really one of the only players in town when it comes to international investing. It’s low fees are also a plus since in order to trade internationally you not only have to buy a stock, but also buy the currency.

I use this broker specifically for my net net stock portfolio. The porftolio is mainly made of up of profitable dividend net nets. This low risk profile of net nets makes for a stable ever increasing portfolio that beats normal market returns.

This allows me to make more wild bets on my American stock portfolio using Webull.

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